10 Must-Have Qualities of Good Leadership!

10 Must-Have Qualities of Good Leadership!

Many think that leadership is an innate skill that we’re born with. However, that is not necessarily true. It might be valid that some people are born with certain personality traits or charisma.

Still, this doesn’t mean that it is enough to be a good leader. That’s because there are some qualities of good leadership that separate good leaders from bad leaders.

Nevertheless, These qualities of good leadership can be learned and acquired. In other words, You don’t have to be born with a special charisma to lead. Like any skill, good leadership can be learned and developed.

Why do we need good leaders/leadership?

To answer this question! We need to liken society to a huge company. So, in order to run a company successfully, you need good leadership. Put differently, you need someone who’s able to make the right decisions! To keep the company running well towards a better end.

Similarly, society is exactly like that. So, to keep it functioning in a good and balanced manner, it needs proper leadership, meaning the right leaders. This means that good leaders are a necessity in every society. At the end of the day, you cannot sail a ship without a captain.

Good leadership isn’t one skill!

We usually perceive leadership as one single skill. Yet that’s not quite right. Leadership consists of many skills and characteristics that distinguish good leaders from the rest. In fact, we can identify a good leader based on what set of qualities he/she possesses.

But, what are these qualities of good leadership? If you want an answer, look no more! In this article, we’ll list 10 qualities of good leadership. So, if you seek to become a better leader. This one is definitely for you.

The best qualities of good leadership

Qualities of good leadership are a set of traits and skills that define how good a leader is. the good thing is that these qualities can be acquired and mastered. They only require dedication & practice.


Self-awareness is such an important characteristic in a leader. It allows for gauging your strengths and weaknesses. In return, this improves your critical thinking and how you judge situations & make decisions.

Also, being self-aware helps you identify your flaws. As a result, it makes you open to accepting feedback to learn from your mistakes.


It goes without saying! communication is one of the most important skills every leader should have. In truth, to lead a business corporation or any community, you must impact people! and the best way to do that is by communicating effectively.

For example, key figures like Martin Luther King Jr and Abraham Lincoln all have one thing in common!

They’re all effective communicators who were able to impact people and change their communities. No one can deny that their influence is still present till now.

So, learning how to communicate effectively allows you to impact people in your community. It fosters the trust and connection that leaders need to inspire others.

For instance, without impacting your employees, there is no trust or a real connection. This means that they won’t follow your lead properly, creating poor performance and results.

In other words, effective communication is a crucial skill all leaders should master.


Sometimes, we associate good leadership with power and authority. Still, it shouldn’t be the case that’s because empathy can be more effective. To lead a community, you should be able to see things from their point of view as well.

Empathy fosters positive relationships and creates a deep connection between leaders and their communities. let’s say you’re a business leader! Showing more empathy towards your team members makes them more engaged and happy to work with you.

In return, you will have a positive work environment wherein employees perform well and generate better results.


Delegation is not about getting rid of your work and giving it to someone else to take responsibility for it. Instead, it’s about assigning the right task to the right person at the right time.

In terms of leading a business! This will enable your team members to grow, create teamwork and lead to better decision-making.

The delegation also helps you create trust and credibility among your workers. this leads to better performance & strong sense of mutual responsibility.


Sometimes leaders might face a complex situation where conventional solutions won’t work. Here, is where creativity becomes priceless! Because it helps leaders find innovative solutions to complex and challenging situations.

That said, thinking outside the box is a necessity in a leader’s life. The world is constantly changing, and new problems arise. So, being creative is a must to adapt to an ever-changing world.

This makes creativity one of the most significant qualities of good leadership. Ironically, in this age, we need more solutions than ever. yet, in reality, the number of leaders outnumbers the number of solutions.

So, good leadership is about bringing more solutions to make this world better. It is not about bringing in more readers!


The ability to adapt quickly and gauge a challenging situation is crucial for leading. That is why flexibility is an essential quality of good leadership. Most of the time, nothing goes as planned and many things pop up at the same time.

Let’s take the business world for example!

As a leader, you should accept the fact that no plan is perfect. Challenges will arise. So, you should embrace this and find new ways to adapt. Changing your course of action or approach is necessary for some situations.

That’s what we call flexibility! As a leader, you need to learn how to encounter challenges with a flexible attitude and open heart.


A good leader develops his skills and judgment constantly. This yields better decisions and results. Moreover, development shouldn’t always be personal.

It can be collective as well. Good leaders seek to develop people around them as well.

Perfection is a myth in a leader’s mind. That is why they always have room for improvement, both on personal and professional levels. Learning new skills must be a habit in a leader’s daily life.

Developing people around them is also a priority. Great leaders help their team members to sharpen their current skills and develop new ones so they become better performers.

Strategic and critical thinking

Being able to think critically and strategically will make you more effective as a leader. Leaders should evaluate their decision-making and how their decisions eventually impact their results.

Critical and strategic thinking requires you to be open-minded to any sort of new idea and to stay curious about everything.

Moreover, thinking strategically and critically improves how you handle situations. It is a vital skill to come up with the right solutions to solve the right problems.


One thing that distinguishes one leader from the other is courage. A leader must be fearless to take risks and decisions that might seem unreasonable to some people.

In order to make bold decisions that would make your company or community flourish, you would need to be a courageous individual.

You won’t create an actual change without making risky decisions. So, courage is your best ally when the time comes to take risks. However, you should gauge your risks wisely before making a decision.


You might think that this quality is inevitable in everyone’s life, but it’s especially important as a leader quality. You don’t really have to like everyone you work with.

However, you need to respect people no matter what their gender, identity, and background are. Being respectful includes so many aspects. like being consistent, punctual, and responsive with your team members.

Most importantly, you should have self-respect because is key to respecting your community or company.

How to improve your leadership qualities

Now that you learned what are the necessary qualities of good leadership. It’s to know how to improve these qualities. Well! the skills of leadership can either be learned through highly formal training or through self-education.

So don’t worry!

Before we start, leadership is not limited to seniors or those who are at the top of an organization. Leadership can be learned at every level in your career.

Further, learning leadership qualities can improve your career potential when it comes to promotion for instance.

Tips to improve your leadership skills

First, in order to improve any aspect of your life, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Challenging yourself is a necessity to improve and become better at anything. Moreover, the more work you take on, the better chances you have to refine your skills.

Practice makes perfect! For instance, if you are a junior in your organization, you might take the qualities mentioned above… and evaluate how you perform on each of them.

In case, you realized that you are good at some of them.

You still need to assess your other leadership qualities and improve them.

Another important point in the process of becoming a great leader is taking initiative.

You are only going to be assigned tasks that people already know you are good at. That is why you should take the initiative yourself to take on more responsibilities.

Focus on learning new things that are out of your expertise area. Remember! Learning and developing are a necessity in a leader’s life.

Good leadership comes with discipline!

Discipline is key in all of what has been mentioned before. It is essential in achieving every goal. All the great ideas you have are useless without discipline.

Being disciplined helps you build a system of habits that sharpen your leadership skills. You can lead anything if you cannot even lead yourself!

Wrapping up

Leadership begins as a personal journey! It starts by leading yourself on the right path and by making better decisions. It is about having a vision that can impact people and the world!

That is how you turn leads into a collective experience that you share with your community! To make the world better with more solutions & fewer problems.

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